How can scientists believe evolution is compatible with religion?

Evolution and religion may not be at war after all. True, the two may sometimes seem like incompatible, competing world-views: evolutionary science is regularly rejected by prominent figures with religious beliefs, and its teaching in religious schools is often controversial.

What is the Role of Women in the Church?

Before attempting to answer this question, it is worth noting that it stems from outside the Church, influenced by the feminist movements which arose in the west. This does not mean that the Orthodox Church shouldn’t be concerned about it.

MLK: The Humanity and Divinity of Jesus

This paper, written by Martin Luther King Jr. between November 1949 and February 1950, while he attended a course titled Christian Theology for Today. It marks the starting point of his thinking away from the conservative theology he learned as a child.

The Americanization of an Ancient Faith

The 2,000-year-old Coptic Church is trying something new: spreading its message across the United States—and the rest of the world.

Egypt’s New Charter of Hope: God’s Word

The Coptic Medical Society, has asked [me] a ‘Muslim, Non-Medical, and relatively Old man’ to talk twice within a period of just over eight months, to a predominantly Coptic, Medical and Young audience about what the ‘Youth Revolution’ achieved and what the future holds…

History of the Coptic Language

The Coptic Language is the name used to refer to the last stage of the written Egyptian language – It refers to the script rather than the language itself. Before Coptic, the Egyptian language had three scripts: The Hieroglyphic Script, The Hieratic Script, The Demotic Script.

11-year-old proves God exists

From HCHC. “There is nothing unusual about seeing college students and children on our campus, but HCHC recently hosted a most unusual visitor who is both a college student and a child. Eleven-year-old William (Vasilios) Maillis is one of the youngest people ever to graduate from a public high school–at the ripe old age of nine

Making Orban – The Video

The Church of St. Mary came together to create this wonderful video (sung to the tune of Cups!) about the joys of Making Orban. They even managed to squeeze in some much needed stereotypes that we all know and love well! Great job guys!

Humour: Mother in Law

Lightening up the mood (Video in Arabic) The Bishop of

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Visual Verse of the Day

"For in Him all things were created: things in heaven and earth visible and invisible, whether thrones or powers or rulers..." Colossains 1:16