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Before jumping into the cryptocurrencies world, we need to go back in time in order to understand the start of all commercial activities…
Currencies were created out of need.Read More →

Tattoo’s have been a taboo topic for quite sometime. Some say it’s a personal decision that shouldn’t bother anyone else; others say it’s a defamation of your body. We are running a poll to understand what makes people tick when it comes to the tat. Your answers are anonymous and will be publishing the overall results after the poll closes on April 20th, 2018.Read More →

I am a trainer freak as most of you who know me will no doubt testify! It’s something about trainers that allows me to express myself in a way that normal shoes just don’t do! I think it’s because trainers show off more creativity, colours, styles and just total expression of being free! Read More →

His name is Toffee, and he changed my life! Cliché as that may seem, but in my case, it is so true. I come from a family that has never liked dogs. We were scared of them and thought every dog out there was on a mission to bite us. Read More →