March 2018

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Before attempting to answer this question, it is worth noting that it stems from outside the Church, influenced by the feminist movements which arose in the west. This does not mean that the Orthodox Church shouldn’t be concerned about it. Read More →

They are bold, smart, funny and so talented. Sarah and Laura Ayoub are classically trained, multi-instrumentalists who cross the boundaries between classical and contemporary music. Oh and by the way, they are Coptic and Egyptian. Read More →

The Coptic Medical Society, has asked [me] a ‘Muslim, Non-Medical, and relatively Old man’ to talk twice within a period of just over eight months, to a predominantly Coptic, Medical and Young audience about what the ‘Youth Revolution’ achieved and what the future holds…Read More →

I am in love with Coptic Icons. The more I look at them however, the more questions are raised in my mind about the way and the reasons they are painted. Indeed, as a keen student of iconography, there is a question that I am asked over and over again….Read More →

For as long as I can remember, I have always been fascinated by the world of Martial Arts. At the age of 10, like many children of my generation, I would go with my brother and a few of our friends to watch Bruce Lee movies at a cinema near our house. Then came the teenage years; all pumped up by those movies, decided to practice Karate, which I found exciting, active and cool. But, there was something missing.Read More →